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Mage Nails for Everyone!


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Thought I'd put this up here in case someone was using this mod;


I've been using Humannature66's Mage Nails mod to give my girl some sexy manicured nails that are visible in first person, but after I redid my load order and merge patches just now I noticed the nails vanished from first person, and I'd previously noticed some problems with getting the wrong racials even though I was using a race overhaul mod called Imperious, and also noticed of course that I never got nails at all as a Ningheim race or as a vampire. So here's how to fix that and enable mage nails for everyone!


Open Mage Nails and whatever race mod you're using in TES5Edit, this can be even the USKP patch, make sure you are using the latest version of TES5Edit or this will break your game! Now go into races on Mage Nails and manually delete the entire Races column from the Mage Nails mod (yes you're sure you want to edit a mod), now go into the race mod you are using (an overhaul like Resplended, Imperious, SkyRe Races or new race like Temptress), go into the First Person column on the race you want to edit, left click the first one and on the drop-down menu enable slot 49 to be visible in first person as well. Make sure to edit the vampire version of your race as well if you're going to be vampire. Save and exit, start up the game, add the mage nails to your inventory ("help nails" then "additem" and number you want in console), equip, and see the beautiful nails your character is now sporting in both first, third and immersive first person.


Note that you can in theory use this method to make things like Devious Devices visible in first person also...

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