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3DMax Advice, tutorial/help needed (hair mesh edit)


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Hello evryone, I'm at wits and ends trying to figure out how to edit a simple hair mesh with 3dmax. Nothing too complicated, I want to know how to: Import the mesh, remove some vertices ( I want to delete some pesky hair on the hairline part), and export the file. I tried, but I had several problems, first, exporting the file, and then when I did it...the hair was invible in-game and wayyyy to small compared to the original one.

Right now I'm looking for two things: someone who edit the mesh for me (secondary goal), or good and in-depth tutorials about how to edit hair meshes, of course. It's frustrating to deal with the lack of good sources and the language of the few examples I found, so, I hope you people can help me or give me good advices, thanks in advance.


I let the meshes attached, if somebody want to take a look, It's one of the edited BB hairs from Daiemonic Thread. The part I want to remove are minimal really. In the image you can see it clearly.




BB Hair.7z


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Reason your export didn't work is probably because you didn't set up havok physics properly with 3ds, as the hair mesh uses hdt.

You could have just used alpha map to hide that small area...

PS. You only uploaded the hair mesh. Hair models usually consist of hair mesh and hairline mesh. Modifying only the hair mesh might not be enough.

Main Hair.nif

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Thank you, thank you! I see no problem in-game. I understand what you say about the alpha map but, my editing programs are a little messy atm (new MO user here, it messes with nifskope and the others tools quite a lot) so I'm stuck for now. Your advice about hdt intrigues me, now it seems I have to learn a lot more of what I thought. I'll keep and eye on this.

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