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PSB weight not functioning?


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I have installed quite many mods, they did seem working fine ... not until I found this prob!


The problem Ive encountered....


NONE of my NPCs in villages are seemed to get pregnant.


SO I checked if my character is able to be pregnant and it did however the shape of its belly was still remained.


If I change the option in 'Beeing Female' - belly growing type from 'Wegith' to 'Skeleton' it works.


the thing is every outfits which r supposed to support pregnany body are equally still. duh....


pregnant body works with skeleton....so I cant really observe clothes r getting stretched either.


With Sklelton, belly grows-good!  but not the outfit! it penetrates out.


does anyone have this problem and have sorted? pls help me out.

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You need clothing / armor replacers that support belly scaling - because vanillas do not.


Also PSB is kinda old and not rly supported anymore. It might be tricky to make your outfits fit.

You might be better with changing it to something newer.

Plenty of CBBE 3.3 body types support scaling of belly node (and more).

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