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Superl3 ENB v0.52 framerate and lag problem


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Hi everybody.I have a problem using the enhanched graphics mod Superl3 ENB v0.52 found at:


The read me file sais that i have to use the 'No Ambient Occlusion' files if i have problems with performance.The thing is that i cannot find these files anywhere (neither in the core file nore in the optional files).Also, i am a little confused about the performance hit issue cause i run the game in an alienware M14X whitch has high grade specs:

-nVidia GT555M 3GB RAM

-8 GB DDR3 at 1600 MHz RAM memory

-i7 2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz 2nd generation

Without any enhanched graphics mod i run the game maxed out fluently without any performance hits nowhere near though the performance shown in the pics and video while using the mod.Are those mods designed for desktop machines and not laptops or am i doing something wrong?Also i am installing the mod manually in proper directory path cause the mod is recognized (displayed) while at loading screen.Any help would be appreciated!thanks in advance.

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Try going into enbseries.ini and just set EnableAmbientOcclusion=false

Well, i tried to change the value from true to false as you suggested but had minor changes.Still the game lags as hell making it unplayable.Maybe that mod is not for me.Thanks anyway.



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