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Diablo 6in1 high rez vs OMOD trouble

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Okee Dokee... so here is my problem.


I have the new MBP 1.4a OMOD that comes with the 6 in 1 diablo elves race. Which is great, don't get me wrong... I am now just having a hard time with LOCATING any of the files/folders, ect...


When you use OBMM to install something, where in the hell does it place those files? I have scoured my data folder to no avail. Oh, I suppose I should tell you WHY I need to find those folders:


I recently aquired the high rez 6 in 1 skin textures, and I want to have my elves looking their best... but uhhh... how?



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Location of Diablo Elves textures is in Data/Textures/Characters/DiabloEF if that is what are you asking :P


*Smacks head* OMFG... I am such a tard. Yeah, thats what I meant. I had some kind of idea that when you install an OMOD, that it installs over the top of the standard data folder but doesn't overwrite it, by installing it in a different location.


Overthought the whole thing I suppose. Thanks for suffering a fool. LOL

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