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UNPB bad neck seam


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So I've had a neck seam problem for the past few days and I'm not sure if it came from a mod or just randomly showed up. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled UNP, UNPB, and other body texture mods to see if that would fix it but to no avail. Also I've tried several neck seam fixes from the Nexus made for UNP but those don't seem to work either. Any suggestions to what else I could try?


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does this happen only to your player or any female in your game?, what mod organizer do you use? (can't help with MO because haven't used it), If only your char that looks like that might be a tintmask or a slider wrong on showracemenu, if all female look the same textures seem to have not installed correctly at least for the head, is your char a custom race?, they might use folders for textures on another path.

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