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What are the best forums (besides this one) for adult gaming (esp sex mods)


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TFGamesSite main forum Transformation-themed games. There's a lot of male-to-female transformation, with a lot of big-titted bimbo endings, but some other stuff as well. There's at least one member who posts "this game needs more dick-girls" on every new game's first page he can. Hosts contests, like Valentine's Day, Easter, patriotism, summer fun, Hallowe'en and, for the next 5 weeks and 5 days, disability.


Hypnopics MC Game Zone The Hypnopics Collective is "the home of hypnotically-controlled women," apparently. Games tend to revolve around Mind Control.


Futanari Palace Game Development Futanari Palace. Have a guess what's found in pretty much every game on that site! It's optional content in some of them. Hosts the Slave Maker 3.4 development sub-forum.



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Could you guys posting links give a few words about what the forums you linked are mostly good for?


I've recently tried searching for more pron, but MAN there is just so many places and the content is really spread out.


I've got a couple links, I wonder if it's okay to share links to sites with links to direct downloads on them? Probably, I mean I'm not sharing DL links just forums which has DL links right?

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