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Best games for adult modding? (educate a noob like me plz)


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What are the best games for adult mods?


I'd really like games to have VERY good graphics (like 2013 or after) and ideally be good games by themselves. Which ones have the best nude mods?


My list is:


  • Skyrim
  • Tomb Raider 2013


I'm sure there are others out there. I hear Resident Evil is good, but it is filled with gore and dark/scary stuff. That's not my style.


I imagine GTA 5 (when it comes to the PC in March) will be one of the best adult games after several months of modding.

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Skyrim is far easier for adult modding and nude mods because Tomb Raider have to used another program called Texmod. Infortunately, correct me if i'm wrong, Texmod doesn't support Directx10 and above so it's out of date.


For GTA V, we need to see the files first to be sure it's moddable but it certainly will be.

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I'd say check out some of these games 

1) The Resident Evil games (If you don't like gore and scary then you can play RE5. RE6 isn't really scary either but it does have gore)

2) Saints Row 3 and 4

3) Batman Arkham City

4) Watch Dogs


If your only looking for highly detailed models then I think these best

1) RE6 Nude Ada Wong by Maliwei777

2) Any of Skyrim's many nude mods

3) Resident Evil HD Remastered Nude Jill mod by Maliwei777 (But it is a dark eerie game with gore)


Dragon Age Inquisition technically has one but its really unstable  :^/

I'm sure when mesh support is added to the DAI Tool then we will see some really good ones  ^_~

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