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My orc has the wrong bloody head on!


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Greetings peeps,


I'm just starting to get into this Skyrim modding business and I thought I should start with something simple, creating an Orc companion who will pummel my enemies into oblivion whilst I steal things from their pockets.



Now then I've had a bit of an issue, I created my orc with all the scripts and things that was lovely. However I altered the face tinting settings thinking it would change the full body and thus buggered up my first attempt because I couldn't figure out how to undo what I did..So I made a new orc actor, default settings, didn't change a single thing. Still his face is sorta..bleached, It looks like he has a Nord head on an Orc's body..I'll include a screenshot but what the hell did I do wrong? And how do I fix it?...In the creation kit the head looks a little off colour but not this much so..Pfft I'm stumped.


Any Ideas?





Thank you my lovelies

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If this was made with the bloody Creation Kit, then unfortunately it's probably going to stay bloody-well buggerised until Bethesda fixes the bloody problem at their bloody end with a new bloody patch ("bloody soon"). :)


:idea: There *are* apparently work-arounds. They are a little beyond my ken, but might offer avenues for exploration.


Try this one -



That's the "CM New Companions Mod". From the description: "Complete step-by-step instructions have been included to explain in detail how anyone can create their own custom companion mod and upload to share with others."


I may check this one out myself later this weekend...

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