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Custom Body Mesh Issues


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I recently have tried to make a custom mesh for a personal mod of mine that adds a new race to New Vegas.


Set the mesh up in Blender, imported existing body for NV to use for weight paint copying and thought it would be okay. But now I have

a problem where I check it in the GECK and see that the body is totally screwed up like a ball of paper stretched back out again and it

really doesn't make sense to me. I have made countless clothing conversions using this existing body but when I decided to try copying

the weight paint over to the custom body this happens...


I can't show the mesh due to issues of copyright etc, but I am sure some of you will get the idea of what I am talking about when I say it's

all screwed up. Looks like a spaghetti doll, twisted and deformed. And when I tried to Stripify the meshes in Nifskope, the GECK no longer

loaded when I tried to preview it (sat on not responding for ages until I had to close the program).


Some places I have checked through a Google search have said that it's possibly a bad weight copy, but the mesh I used to copy from

works normally for so many clothes and armour, just not this body for some reason. I did have to split the body into torso and legs due

to a very high poly count, but poly reduce and decimating in Blender destroyed the mesh too much, so I kept it this way so it could still

export in Blender through Niftools...


Sorry for the limited info, but I hope some person out there knows how to fix this issue! Thanks!

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Had to split it, as decimating doesn't work - just destroys the mesh entirely.


This also is happening with clothes I have imported from .obj files. They turn into ugly spaghetti monsters even though I've done it before and it worked fine. The recent one I tried wasn't even complicated, but it still is giving me issues...

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