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Can't have sex on beds

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A little new to sexlab, so I hope you'll forgive what's probably a noob question.   I've got framework, aroused, romance and solutions installed along with Zaz Animation pack however I can't seem to use beds, even when I'm standing next to an unowned bed.  My understanding is there's supposed to be a prompt to use a nearby bed.  I checked the MCM menu and couldn't find anything there, and spent some time searching the forums.


I'd be grateful for any advice.





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Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I just recently ran into the same problem. Did you figure out a solution? The npc's use beds doesnt' solve this, which leads me to believe there's a mod conflict somewhere. Have you been using any first person/camera altering mods? I just installed the Skyrim Enhanced Camera mod, and I THINK this might be the cause for me. I can test this, but it's way late here, and I'd have to patch PerMa and Dual Sheath for a real test, which takes far too long for me to bother with at the moment.

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