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[REQ] Sex Toys that DON'T require devious devices


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I'll try and keep the synopsis brief; a while back my motherboard exploded. Fortunately I had made a complete copy of my entire Skyrim Data folder shortly beforehand, which I was (somehow) able to successfully transfer onto my rebuilt computer, all 255 esps intact. Bottom line is I can't use a mod manager or make too many script-heavy changes, and despite my best efforts there's just no way for me to get Devious Devices to work.

I'm interested in having toys and props in the game. I have the older Calyps merchant mod installed, which is pretty good. My question is whether there are any similar mods out there, possibly using some of the meshes and textures from Devious, which DON'T require any of the devious framework to be installed.

TL;DR - Standalone sex toy mods pls.

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