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[Request]OH heavy & light port to UNP/CBBE


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As I already posted in the adult corner while the mods did not really contain any adult content in this sense I decided to repost so to say the thread in here.


As I browsed some of my Oblivion mod files I found two jewels amongst them and wanted to share them. So I hope someone will take the time to port over those two sets :D


Download links and screens are in the spoilers.









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Lol a while back I attempted to convert the OHTElight1.7 to CHSBHC, but it was extremely difficult. The entire bodice is really hard to reshape to fit another bodysize. Try as I may, I came to the conclusion that it requires someone of professional skills. That being said, I'd love to see this converted to CBBE.


For some reason I really like the colors of that armor.....if only I wasn't a noob at mesh editing ;p

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