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GetAnimationsByTag/Tags problem

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Here is the code fragment:

            sslBaseAnimation[] anims1
            anims1 = SexLab.GetAnimationsByTag(2, "Anal")
            sslBaseAnimation[] anims
            anims = SexLab.GetAnimationsByTag(2, "Bestiality")
            SexLab.StartSex(sexActors, anims)

First to lines I add for test purposes because problem with "Bestiality" tag:

[01/25/2015 - 03:22:44AM] SEXLAB - NOTICE: Found Animations(18): Rough Behind, Rough Doggy Style, Arrok Rape, Reverse Cowgirl, Arrok Reverse Cowgirl, AP Anal, AP Face Down Anal, 3J Anal, 3J Cowgirl, 4D DoggyStyle, 3J Doggy Style, 3J Laying Variant, 3J Holding, $ZazAP_PilloryTorment02, $ZazAP_SexLabDoggyStyle, $Zap_Armb_Doggy01, $ZazAP_SexLabDoggyStyleBoth, $Zap_Armb_Doggy01_SS,
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:44AM] Error: Cannot cast from None to sslbaseanimation[]
    [SexLabQuestAnimations (0F0639DF)].sslAnimationSlots.GetList() - "sslAnimationSlots.psc" Line ?
    [SexLabQuestAnimations (0F0639DF)].sslAnimationSlots.GetByTags() - "sslAnimationSlots.psc" Line ?
    [SexLabQuestFramework (0F000D62)].sexlabframework.GetAnimationsByTag() - "SexLabFramework.psc" Line ?
    [vlk_AF_Main (34000804)].vlk_af_main.InitiateSexMenu() - "vlk_AF_Main.psc" Line ?
    [vlk_AF_Main (34000804)].vlk_af_main.ApplyAction() - "vlk_AF_Main.psc" Line ?
    [Active effect 10 on  (000EBC4D)].vlk_AF_ActionEffect.OnEffectStart() - "vlk_AF_ActionEffect.psc" Line ?
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:44AM] SEXLAB - Thread[0] Thread[0]: Entering Making State
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:44AM] SEXLAB - [sslActorAlias <alias ActorAlias004 on quest SexLabThread00 (0F061EEF)>]: Slotted 'wolf'
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:44AM] SEXLAB - [sslActorAlias <alias ActorAlias003 on quest SexLabThread00 (0F061EEF)>]: Slotted 'Vlada'
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:45AM] SEXLAB - Thread[0] NOTICE: Selecting new creature animations - []
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:45AM] SEXLAB - NOTICE: Found Animations(7): (Wolf) Doggystyle, (Wolf) Dominate, (Wolf) Missionary, (Wolf) Panicnew, (Wolf) Panic Consensual, (Wolf) DayelyteWolfFun, (Wolf) DayelyteWolfSpooning,
[01/25/2015 - 03:22:45AM] SEXLAB - Thread[0] Adjustment Profile: DayelyteWolfSpooning.NordRaceF.WolfRaceC

Maybe I misunderstand something, but searching for "Anal" tag returns only human animations without animals, even bestiality animations tagged as "anal" too. Searching for "Bestiality" returns nothing, but I see this tag not only in MNC, but in sslCreatureAnimationDefaults.psc from SexLab 1.59c.

            anims = SexLab.GetAnimationsByTags(2, "Bestiality,Anal")

returns None too.

Maybe it was intended that GetAnimationsByTag/Tags works with human races only?

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