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Decreasing FPS


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Okay, I've suddenly run into some performance issues. I've got a boatload of mods installed, including textures and lighting and all that stuff. Recently on my main save I've had an FPS drop to a stable (no spikes or changes) FPS of 13. Basically it seems like the game is playing in slow motion.

Specs: 16GB ddr3 

i7 2700k OCed to 4.5 ghz

GTX 760 2GB

Skyrim's installed on a 120GB SSD from corsair


A new save file and previously saves on this character run outside at about 40-50FPS stable, except around whiterun which has fairly significant drops. So the general performance is within acceptable areas. Currently, FPS is 13 indoors or outdoors.

I have not added any new mods lately (aside from updating SD+), though I have added the following lines to my Skyrim.ini to reduce script delays.

The only thing of note in the papyrus logs is Amazing Follower Tweaks spamming lines at a rate of about 10,000 per second.
Running Skyrim Save cleaner showed 14000 active scripts.
So, I get the impression this lag is somehow due to the script load or maybe a runaway script or something to that effect. Has anyone else got any ideas or suggestions to solve the slow down?
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Better use Extensible Follower Framework, i have experienced such of FPS drop, it was caused by the strange bug from very beginning of the game, i have solved it by using Alternate Start. And, Sanguine's Debauchery is very unstable mod, author of it suggests not using it on your main save.

I can try switching over mid-game, but I don't know how it will deal with orphaned scripts and such. I think I switched over from UFO at some point.
Edit: Did this and did not see any improvement. It may be a case of the save file being polluted by whatever scripts are left over. I could back up a few save slots and see if that helps, but it would be hard to tell since those saves still have FPS around 40

Could also be your hdtPhysicsExtensions. I had that one time that my fps dropped because of it. Delete that and see if its better.

Tried removing it and didn't see an immediate change. 


It seems my saves have been getting progressively larger since I started playing again this month. From a steady 12MB gradually increasing to the current 19MB. I don't recall what mods I updated unfortunately.

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