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Item on HUD - which mod implemented it?


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my first post in this forum ;) Until now I was just a reader only.


I´ve installed a quite huge list of my favorite mods I used to have in my older skyrim installations. Now that I have done that in quite a short time, I did not control the exact effects each mod implements. Now I see an icon on the bottom left that I don´t recognize (see screenshot; circled in red), what it means and from which mod it came from. Does anyone know which mod it belongs to?


The "Player already has this spell" also appears on the screen everytime I load a save. Same question for this one - I can´t remember where it came from.  This $StopString thing is probably due to an issue with language settings. I´m going to look into that later ;(


I hope someone recognizes this and can help me out with this one.





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