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ASX sound corruption help


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This has been happening for quite a while now so any advice would be appreciated. It seems to me that whenever the player is having sex (with ASX ofc), the shouts become corrupted even though the mod description says it would not corrupt the sounds (Yes I have dawnguard and dragonborn). However, for other players, it works perfectly fine.


Then I realised that Niurins' Business Plan could be the problem behind this (as the mods might conflict with each other). However, I am confused as to the mentioned instructions for un-installation:


"Save your game when none of your followers are occupied and not in a tavern."


This essentially means dismissing them, but they would go back to taverns (I have mod followers from Riverwood Inn). So is this mod the cause for the sound corruption? And if so, how do I uninstall it?


On a side note, are there any strap on mods compatible with ASX for female + female action? Thanks.


P.S.: There seems to be another problem now. There is no sound produced during an animation. Also, when I use the animate pair spell on two of my followers ( I have EFF mod), they would not stop the action at all. However, in the course of non followers, they stop perfectly fine without sound still.

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