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Help! My Screen shots looks creepy!


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First describe exactly how you do screenshots. Here are a few possibilities:


- via steam

- via fraps or another screencaputre software

- skyrim vanilla screenshot


Then list all your grafix enhancements (ENB or such things)






actually i got no graphic enhancements on, and all my settings are on low since it taxes my computer "old". as for how i do it, i just open the game then press the print screen button on the keyboard. and after that the images always shows up like that =(

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Have you ever copied some kind of dll to your Skyrim directory? It also may be caused by a mod as well. I can only suggest:


- try to make a screenshot using fraps or steam to check out if it is possible at all. Maybe your machine cannot get it.


- check your mods (check these who used dll files first, does not need to be a grafix mod. Sometimes its something like slow motion, killmoves etc.)


Otherwise I cannot tell.



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here's a trick, but you have to play it on windowed mode =D

use printscreen button outside the game window (clik on the desktop as you play, then printscreen), then paste it on photoshop or ACDsee =D

my friend also has the same problem with ragnarok a while ago. this is her trick lol =D


I prefer using fraps tough =D

as long as it's not recording, your system can handle it trust me


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