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Dual Sheath Redux Second Sword Problem


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I'm using Dual Sheath Redux with Immersive Animations and the latest xp32 skeleton. I've followed everything outlined in this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG3qJ73MrIQ#t=497


I'm trying to get both swords sheathed on my back. For some reason, no matter what I do, I cannot get the second sword to appear on my back. It stays at my waist and then teleports into my hand when I equip my weapons. My second hand does not motion for a sword on my back. It just stays frozen. Everything else associated with the mod is working. 


When running FNIS I chose the fix arm patch and the gender specific animations patch. 


I installed Immersive Animations before xp32, as outlined in the guide I posted, and I did not chose any animations from the xp32 skeleton installer, as outlined in the guide I posted. 


I'm at a loss. As it stands now I've given up on back swords, and decided to stick with regular hip swords. But if someone could provide some insight I would be very grateful. 


Edit: Here we go again.  I've switched back to hip swords, but my weapon draw animations are stuck the way they were. How do I fix this? 

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