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Bikini-Trouble UNPB-BBP Cleavage Version for full sets and tops

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Bikini-Trouble UNPB-BBP Cleavage Version for full sets and tops v1.2 (created 1/28/2015)






v1.0 - Initial Release

v1.1 - Applied the push-up effect mesh to seperate tops (1/16/15)

v1.2 - Created new transparent versions of xp32's mesh (1/28/15) - MrTroubleMaker corrected these for me when I couldn't get them to work properly.



Don't forget to like or endorse! I have uploaded this mod to LL so those who don't use nexus may have access to it.



Author: Ruhadre





- This mod upgrades the UNPB-BBP (bounce) version of MrTroubleMaker's Bikini-Trouble mod using the UNPB-BBP Cleavage mesh from xp32's UNPB Redux mod.

This gives all of MTM's full set bikinis and tops a push-up effect. This also includes the transparent versions.





- Q: Can this be converted to "insert body mod here"?

A: Probably not. At least not by me.


- Q: Something isn't working right! Can you help me?

A: Only if you read the description on the mod page, and ask nicely ;P

I tested this myself and it works fine provided you installed everything correctly.


- Q: Can I use any meshes from this mod?

A: All resources have ownership declared in the mod description, credits, and permissions.

To use xp32's meshes, you'd require his permission.

For anything having to do with MrTroubleMaker's Bikini-Trouble mod, you will have to ask him.


- Q: Can I upload this to another website?

A: You must ask me permission so I can put the download link on the mod page. Not asking me will tick me off.


- Q: Why did you make this mod?

A: Why not? I came up with the idea after making my Border Lace conversion and expansion mod.

Skyrim can't get enough cleavage right? ;)


- Q: Why just BBP? Why not TBBP or HDT?

A: My attempts to add the butt bones or belly bones causes seams to occur at the neck and wrists. I need to resolve that issue before updating this mod.

If I get it figured out, I'll make an update.


- Q: Plans for the future?

A: Possible TBBP/HDT support.


- Q: Your mod isn't working! I have a cracked version of skyrim. Can you help me?

A: Nope. Go out and buy the game legitimately. After that, maybe we can talk. I will go out of my way NOT to help you if your skyrim is stolen.





- Use NMM, and install over MrTroubleMaker's Bikini-Trouble UNPB-BBP (bounce) mod. No to upgrade.

This mod only changes certain meshes.

Since MTM's original mod uses a bsa, you shouldn't have to overwrite anything.





- MrTroubleMaker's Bikini-Trouble UNPB-BBP (bounce) mod. It's specifically named "Bikini-Trouble UNPB - BBP MTM 2 - 35 Bikinis" in the download section.

(Technically, any unpb-bbp bounce version would work, I just recommend this so no one complains that this mod took their extra bounce away)


- Anything required by the above mod of course.


- Up to date Skyrim.





MrTroubleMaker for Bikini-Trouble UNP UNPB 7B MTM BBP BBPx TBBP http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28099/?

MrTroubleMaker for correcting the mistakes I made in the transparent meshes. Thank you!

xp32 for UNPB Redux Project http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37900/





xp32 for use of his modder's resources

MrTroubleMaker gave me permission to create and publish this mod.





Before you endorse this mod, I urge you to go and endorse MrTroubleMaker's original mod first if you already haven't. Same goes for UNPB Redux. Endorse them first! MrTroubleMaker and xp32 made this mod possible. Thank you.



I am using appachi hair and dwiss glasses in the screenshots. All images are @ weight 100. This is a mesh replacement only.

No ENB used, but I am using Saturation Boost. You'll notice that I use the same model for my screens, her and one other are custom followers I am developing for a future mod.


If you like this mod, then you'll probably enjoy my other mod.



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