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Best ENB for body?


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Probably because Immersive Interiors only covers a few buildings in Whiterun and hasn't been updated in forever.  It depends on what you think "natural light" is.  Here's a rundown of several interior lighting mods.  


ELFX:  Probably covers the most interiors out of all the interior lighting mods.  Not always realistic but instead has more of a "cinematic" vibe to it.  


RLO: It has some realistic lighting but doesn't always work well with ENB's.  It also doesn't cover every interior.  


Shadows:  This one covers even less interiors then RLO, but is unique in that it relies on windows and lighting interiors with those windows (or the light coming through those windows rather) instead of candles and fire like ELFX and RLO do.  


Relighting Skyrim:  This one covers a good amount of interiors but doesn't do anything extreme and instead focuses on making the lighting that Bethesda put in the game make sense (no more light randomly coming from nowhere).  


ELE:  Out of all the lighting mods, this one is the only one specifically designed to work well with ENB's and can be used on its own, or with the above lighting mods (except for Shadows).


Of course, its better to just use what the ENB author recommends, because lighting may look bad when combining interior lighting mods with ENB's unless the author made the ENB to be used with a particular lighting mod.   However, using a lighting mod that "isn't compatible" with an ENB only means that the lighting won't look as the ENB author intended it to look.  

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