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amk Border Lace Lingerie - Ruhadre Expansion (UNPB-BBP - UNP - CBBEv3)

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amk Border Lace Lingerie - Ruhadre Expansion UNPB-BBP UNP CBBEv3 (created 1/31/2015)




This mod can also be found at: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61658/?


Don't forget to like or endorse! I have uploaded this mod to LL so those who can't/don't use nexus may have access to it.




v1.0 - Initial Release


v1.0a - Fixed minor mistakes made creating v1.0


v1.1 - Added 4 more colors


v1.2 - I split up the bras from the set, so now people can enjoy just the bras without the undies.


v2.0 - Added 7 more colors. I also split up the undies from the set, so now people can enjoy just the undies without the bras.
The undies use slot 52, the same as alot of other popular underwear mods.
3 of the new colors are see-through lace. All clothing items are now also craftable, and have the same keywords as
fine clothing. All enchanting, and clothing-dependent magic should also work properly now too.
Re-did the 3 Leopard colors so they look better, and slightly more leopardy.


v3.0 - Added a large mix of colors, and re-did previous ones. No more stand-alone undies (too many issues for now).
No more crafting (too many for it). Uses chest in Whiterun again. Price value decreased 50% for everything.
Provided optional 1K diffuse texture pack (original diffuse textures are 2K).


v3.0a - Provided a quick fix for incorrect white lace texture. 2K and 1K fixes.


I expect to see screenshots of mash-ups please! :D


Author: Ruhadre


Pronounced (Ru-ha-dri)






I couldn't help but notice how great amesake's mod was. I considered it a shame that he only released it with one texture option, and that it only supported 2 body types. My mod fixes that by re-introducing amesake's work with a variety of texture options, and with a 3rd supported body type. This mod also addresses certain details that amesake missed in his original mod.


- The UNPB version of this mod upgrades the UNP version of amesake's original mod using the UNPB-BBP Cleavage mesh from xp32's UNPB Redux mod.
This gives larger breasts, they'll bounce, all while having an awesome push-up effect. Functionality + Beauty + Realism.


- The UNP or CBBE version of this mod adds more colors, bras, and uses amesake's original meshes.


- This mod also adds stand-alone bras in addition to the lingerie sets. This is for people who requested the sets be split up.


- The unp and cbbe versions of my mod do not change the original meshes used by amesake. They only add my new colors, and bras.


- All clothing items are craftable at the tanning rack under "misc". You'll need linen wraps. The spriggan items will require firewood. (ONLY v2.0!)


- amesake's original mod didn't have any keywords attached to his lingerie. This mod fixes that which should enable enchanting.


- I used GIMP and a variety of GIMP add-ons to expand upon amesake's original texture, creating 35 new additional colors.
3 of the new colors are leopard print, 6 are see-through lace, 3 are camoflage, 5 are holiday themed, and 7 are creative specialties.
This mod includes the pink texture from xp32's UNPB Redux. Giving the user a total of 37 colors to enjoy!
amesake's original 1K n-map is used in all colors, and in both texture packs.


- 74 total clothing items. (37 lingerie sets + 37 bras)


- All lingerie sets and bras; can be found in the same chest amesake's original mod uses.
Or craft-able at the tanning rack. (v2.0 ONLY!)


- This mod was created using Creation Kit's TextureSet forms. That make's the download smaller by only using 1 mesh pair.
Not to mention, I didn't have to use Nifskope or Blender to retexture anything.


- All new diffuse textures are 2K and optimized like amesake's and xp32's. Improves performance, and keeps download small.
There is also an optional 1K diffuse texture pack for v3.0. It should technically work with previous versions of this mod too.




- Q: Can this be converted to "insert body mod here not already mentioned in description"?
A: Maybe. I actually didn't do any converting to make this mod. I'm looking into a possible 7b bombshell version.


- Q: Something isn't working right! Can you help me?
A: Only if you read the description on the mod page, and ask nicely ;P
I went through everything to make sure even the previews worked, but will be happy to correct any errors I may have made.


- Q: Can I use any meshes, textures, or any resources from this mod?
A: All meshes and textures have ownership declared in the mod description, credits, and permissions.
To use amesake's texture, you'd need his permission. To use xp32's meshes or pink texture, you'd require his permission.
As for the textures I created using amesake's original, you will need amesake's permission as well since they are variants created from his.


- Q: Can I upload this to another website?
A: You must ask me permission so I can put the download link on the mod page. Not asking me will cause me to accuse you of theft.


- Q: Why did you make this mod?
A: Why not? Originally, I was just trying to make a unpb conversion of amk's Border Lace Lingerie mod, but then it turned into this.
After I got started on things, I wanted to create something that every unpb user would consider a must-have to their mod collection.
I didn't want to totally make this mod all about just unpb, so I made a unp compatible version too.
I also noticed that skyrim has lots of sexy lingerie sets out there. This adds lingerie that is classy while attractive that even female users can appreciate.
There might be lots of lingerie sets out there, but few offer a push-up effect! Did I mention they also bounce?
I'm bringing full-back undies back, heh ;D


- Q: Why just BBP? Why not TBBP or HDT?
A: My attempts to add the butt bones or belly bones causes seams to occur at the neck and wrists. I need to resolve that issue before updating this mod.
If I get it figured out, I'll make an update.


- Q: The butt clips through the undies slightly while running! Can you fix this?
A: Maybe. The undies were made to be skin-tight like they should. Fixing the issue would mean the undies would appear loose.
I might experiment with a way to reduce the clipping without losing the skin-tight look.


- Q: What colors are there?
A: xp32's pink, black, amesake's black/gray, black/white, blue, gray leopard, green, leopard, orange, purple, red, snow leopard, teal, white,
white/gray, yellow, camo, artic camo, pink camo, blue lace, green lace, black lace, purple lace, red lace, white lace, christmas,
st. patrick's (clover), halloween, halloween2, valentine's, cosmic, denim, floral, floral2, plaid, spriggan, and vampire.


- Q: Plans for the future?
A: Possible TBBP/HDT support. Might fix minor butt clippage. Might make an armored version. Might make a 7b bombshell version.
Possible more colors.


- Q: Your mod isn't working! I have a cracked version of skyrim. Can you help me?
A: Nope. Go out and buy the game legitimately. After that, maybe we can talk. I will go out of my way NOT to help you if your skyrim is stolen.


- Q:


A: Probably.




- Use NMM, and install over amk's Border Lace mod, UNP Version only currently, for either the unp or unpb version of this mod.




- For UNPB-BBP Cleavage Version of this mod: Must have a unp based body installed as well as it's requirements. I recommend xp32's or MTM's.


- For UNP Version of this mod: Must have DIMONIZED UNP female body installed and it's requirements.


- For CBBE Version of this mod: Must have a CBBE body installed and it's requirements.


- UNP and UNPB Versions of this mod require amesake's original mod (unp version) to work.


- CBBE Version of this mod requires amesake's original mod (cbbe version) to work.


- Up to date Skyrim.




xp32 for UNPB Redux Project http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37900/
amesake for amk Border Lace CBBEv3M and UNP http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14431/?
GIMP 2.8 http://www.gimp.org/
1389AD for Scots Plaid GIMP Patterns http://1389ad.deviantart.com/art/Scots-Plaid-GIMP-Patterns-pat-99250484
Jedania for Love Heart GIMP Patterns http://jedania.deviantart.com/art/Love-Heart-GIMP-Patterns-196373477
Obsidian Dawn for Dark and Gothic GIMP Brushes http://www.obsidiandawn.com/dark-n-gothic-photoshop-gimp-brushes
Obsidian Dawn for Halloween GIMP Brushes http://www.obsidiandawn.com/halloween-vectors-photoshop-gimp-brushes
Obsidian Dawn for Snow GIMP Brushes http://www.obsidiandawn.com/snow-snowflakes-photoshop-gimp-brushes
Obsidian Dawn for St. Patrick's Day GIMP Brushes http://www.obsidiandawn.com/st-patricks-day-photoshop-gimp-brushes
Mynimi94 for Seamless Floral Pattern http://mynimi94.deviantart.com/art/Seamless-Floral-Pattern-315562801
Mynimi94 for Seamless Ornamental Pattern http://mynimi94.deviantart.com/art/Seamless-Ornamental-Pattern-315562155
hhh316 for Deamless Denim texture http://hhh316.deviantart.com/art/Seamless-Denim-texture-269152314
3-D Seamless Ivy 2 Pattern by PhotoComix2 http://photocomix2.deviantart.com/art/My-M3D-maps-Seamless-ivy-2-pattern-347946709
5 Floral Leavy Patterns by el-L-eN http://mastergimpers.deviantart.com/art/5-Floral-Leavy-Pattern-155226834
20 Lace and Fishnet Patterns by el-L-eN http://el-l-en.deviantart.com/art/20-Lace-and-Fishnet-Patterns-152319676
Nifskope 1.1.3 http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
MrTroubleMaker - For helping me figure out transparency
Bethesda Softworks for Creation Kit




xp32 for use of his modder's resources
amesake for allowing others to continue on with his amazing mod




Before you endorse this mod, I urge you to go and endorse amesake's original mod first if you already haven't. Same goes for UNPB Redux. Endorse them first! amesake and xp32 made this mod possible. Thank you.


If you like this mod, then you'll probably enjoy my other mod.


This is a great immersive way to introduce the lingerie sets in-game.

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You actually just gave me an idea for an entirely new mod, or add-on for this mod!  Hmmmm.  No spoilers yet....I am going to kick around some ideas and see how they work out  :)  Thank you for the support!

Thankie PG8ne0W.png


I always liked UNPB cleavage, too bad there aren't many conversions for it.










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v2.0 should be considered an alpha version for now. The unp/unpb versions work well, aside from the stand-alone undies which have minor issues. The cbbe version isn't working so well however :/ I'm aware of whats causing all the trouble, and I'm working on an update which should upgrade everything to tbbp and fix all the issues in 2.0


Version 1.2 works great for the time being, and it can be downloaded from the nexus link.

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