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NuVera Online (Adult Virtual Game)

Darkening Demise

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*Taken from indiedb.com page


NuVera Online is a Social Virtual World created by two dedicated and friendly people. We are always working on new features for NuVera Online to continue making the virtual world fun and exciting. By giving us feedback you can help make NuVera Online the best it can be. We do listen to our users because we realize that at the end of the day NuVera Online isn't what we make of it... it's what you make of it.




  • Decorate your free Personal Space using our easy to use drag and drop decorating tools. Place objects and furniture anywhere.
  • Make your Personal Space public and allow other users visit your area even when you're not online
  • Whether you are a 3D modeler, a texture artist, or you have an eye for colors and style, there are many ways you can be creative and benefit from the virtual economy. Becoming a developer means you can import custom 3D models and textures and earn a profit by selling your creations to other users.
  • Hobbies & Crafting system. Use found materials to craft unique furniture items.


  • Explore our many user created Public Areas and meet new friends
  • Explore around Tutorial Island and learn about NuVera Online through step by step guides.
  • Stop by Sunset Isle and get yourself a vehicle to zip around in style
  • Find materials used in crafting




  • Interact one on one or in groups with your friends and those you have just met. Have club meetings and events with others from all over the world.
  • Attend events and meet other users with similar interests
  • NuVera Online is created by grown-ups for grown-ups. No kids allowed.


Denizen information (subscription membership for full access)



 Upgrade Your Account spacer.gif   Become a Denizen Today And Get A Host Of Great Benefits!

By subscribing to NuVera Online you become a Denizen which offers a bunch of new benefits both on the Website and in world.

As NuVera Online is created by only a two person independent development team it also helps support our caffeine supply so that we can continue to bring great new updates.

subheader_left.gif Website Benefits subheader_right.gif
  • Personal Photo Gallery Limit Extended to 250 Photos
  • Access to Denizen only forum
  • Ability purchase Risque Items in catalog
  • Ability to Create & Publish Risque Product (if also a developer)

  subheader_left.gif In World Benefits  
  • Create and manage Events
  • Ability to place unlimited objects in your private & public spaces
  • Create as many public areas as you want + your first public area is rent free
  • Discount on user public area rent
  • Remove Clothing (In private spaces or Public Areas that allow it)
  • Purchase and use Risque Items
  • Special member only achievements and rewards
  • Get 15NN free just for logging in every day
  • Fly!




Basically Second Life made in Unity by two people for adults only and is going to rely on the community to become developers to make content and make money from it. While it plays well, it lacks players, content, etc.

We could change that by signing up and checking it out or not. It's up to you to decide if this game gets out there.

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