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Help with my Adult Mods


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Hi I am new here (well not that new but 1st time posting) and I have a few questions to make my skyrim looks better


this is a list of the Adult mods I am using


-ApachiiSkyHair - ApachiiSkyHair


-CHSBHC body mod and BBP -Breast and Butt Physics- - CHSBHC -Body-Physics-ModV2-4-1


-FemFeet - FemFeet_v3p0_122611


-Futanarium -for CBBE and UNP - - Futanarium main file v0-8 (I wish it to be for CHSBHC Body)


-Oriental beauty Women and Man mod -Eyes


-Oriental beauty Women and Man mod - Make-up set


-Oriental Beauty Women and Man mod - Oriental beauty women for CHSBHC body user



-RANs HeadMesh Variants - Rans type-C Headmesh


This are the principal Mods I have actived, but I can see a few glitches arround the neck, wrist, and ankles that don't let me sleep at night, they are really anoying me, here so I attached some pics about them


So I'm not sure what should I do, or if I have unecessary Mods activated, I really want my girls to look good with the CHSBHC Body, so I am open to sugestions, and ways to fix this




PS: I also included a few pics of my Mods list


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I'm not familiar with all of those mods, but it seems you you might have another texture mod conflicting? The physic body texture isn't compatible with CBBE V3( not sure what version you are running ). You have CBBE skin texture also loaded, which might be the conflict? Try unchecking it, load up you game and see if the problem still exists.

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"Futanarium -for CBBE and UNP - - Futanarium main file v0-8 (I wish it to be for CHSBHC Body)"


You can drop the CHSBHC files into the CBBE folder in Futanarium and it will use the CHSBHC body instead of CBBE. Just grab both the meshes and textures, and put them in the CBBE folder inside the futanarium subdirectories (Meshes/textures respectively)

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