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[REQ] Piss, and Cum


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There is not enough at all. 

I'm thinking of something like 3d cum and pee models that you can wear just for screen shots. There are a ton of models out there made and textured out there already I use in GMod and SFM. I even have piss and cum physics in SFM. I know there is something like this where the male can cum, and you see little dashes of white go across, and then the final one, but why not just have better static 3d models of this? 


If anyone has ever played L4D2 and seen the spitter, a green goo pours out of her mouth, hits the ground, and leaves a decal making it look real. Can we also have something like that? Not needing to collide with players, but just the ground? 


Is any of this actually possible? And how many others are with me on this? 

I feel like I'm all alone when it comes to this stuff :/

Here's a link to something I made in GMod with some 3d cum just for an example. 

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afaik there is some kinds of pee wearable in zaz animation pack




coc zbftestzone



and find it


That is a slightly textured yellow that is hard to see, and looks nothing like pee or cum. There is also something like that called "juices" and came with something like ZaZ has. I'm looking for something that looks and fits wit the world and player. Their might be something like it for oblivion but I never played it so I wouldn't know;  

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