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UNP body slide, armor, mods, etc help...


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So I've been using UNP bodyslide off this site for a while, and figured it's time to make effect on the armor mods and armor vanilla's also (Along with clothing) seeing how when you strip a female NPC, it looks somewhat odd that their body size differs from what they had when they wore something like armor or clothing.

So I downloaded the recommended mods, which are Bodyslide UNP Mods 0.2 and Bodyslide UNP Vanilla 0.2, and both support Bodyslide UNP Body 0.4. The notepads didn't give much detail, but I figure I must copy and paste each individual file and match that file with the main mod that does all the body work, which is the UNP Body slide. I pasted those files in its proper catagories, such as bodygroup from vanilla goes into bodygroup in Main UNP body slide and what not. I did that, along with the other files. I tried testing it out and change the bodies by having one of the female NPC's that I'm constructing clothed a troublemakers forsworn armor, and nothing changes.


I did a batch build first to check. Nothing. Saved it. Nothing. Tried vanilla clothing. Still nothing.


So what did I do wrong? Again, the notepads doesn't provide alot of detail, so I must've skipped something. 



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