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[REQ] Volkihar Sex Castle

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I was thinking, the part of quest when you enter first time in Castle Volkihar, before you get banished (or become a vampire), starts a dialogue and scene that your character is seduced in something like Eyes Wide Shut scene (that with the masks and starts a fetish orgy). To increase the feeling, each time that your char have sex with one vampire, the dialogue repeat, asking if want to become a vampire, until the last one that your char resists with a breathy "No". So you are banish...or can''t resist and become a vampire.

What do you think? :D

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Ooo, I love the idea! 



Ma Ma always told me not to play with my food.. :D.


Made me snort.  :lol:




Ma Ma always told me not to play with my food.. :D.




Glad some people enjoyed that joke.. :D

(sorry Alexandra.. I was just getting the conversation going.. :angel: )


Seriously though if it can be done/ or is done it might be a nice little Sexlab mod.. ;)

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Amorous Adventures would be a nice fit for this, but that mod's mainly for male players, and there's mainly male NPCs in that scene. Not that there isn't male sex in that mod of course (Vilkas, Farkas, Orgnar, all can be avoided), but not to this level.


Plus the whole VL thing is kinda offered as a reward that in their eyes you're barely worth, unless they knew the PC was the Dohvakiin and as such a pretty nice catch to persuade to join their side they wouldnt bother asking multiple times. I think what you're looking at instead is the following;


1) Agree to Harkon's reponse right away, Orgy commences (Including Harkon having his way with you in the end in VL form if Sexlab Creatures is active), with the embrace at the end, a scene probably not unlike a certain 'degrading' ceremony that Serana went through (except for the bigger and spikier thing).


2) Refuse, and get gang-raped by the vampires with the intention of you ending up in the thrall cage, near the end you manage to slip away to return to the Dawnguard. Alternately they just direct you towards the cage and you offer to fuck them until morning and they all go to sleep and escape that way.

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I certainly would very much like that...


Let's see... an alternate ending to Dawnguard where:

- either the player ends up being enslaved by Lord Harkon

- or if Lord Harkon is defeated, the player ends up the puppet of Molag Bal himself?


No vampire lord powers for you!

You will just be raped until you manage to be impregnated (Molag Bal, just as his offspring, have a hard time conceiving with mortals... this will take a while).

Eventually, they will succeed, and you will get the honor to bear the *next* Vampire Lord. Vampire pregnancies take a long time...

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