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Downloads viewable?


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First, let me start off by saying I wasn't really sure where this kind of question would go, and I hope that this is okay. Now, onto the real thing; Is there a way to view the mods and such that I have previously downloaded? I recently got a new computer, and I had no way to transfer all of the files I had on my old one to this new one. I had to re-download all my games on Steam, and since I don't manually install mods (I prefer Mod Organizer) none of the mods I had were saved. It would be extremely helpful to be able to see the mods I've downloaded and I can't find a way to do that. Is this possible or am I just going to have to go back and find every mod I had and re-install them? Thanks, in advance!

-Guy over the internet who might be oblivious to something but isn't really sure.

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if you have a saved game  and OBMM installed you have an option in obmm Tools  to see your saved game . and when you click on the saved game in question , a list of mods appear with different point color  .  it lists you all the mods you used wthin this saved game and the load order it was set on.   if you have only a new start  i am sorry but there is nothing if you did not made a load order save.

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