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RS Children=severe FPS drop


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Title explain it all, every time I point my camera, or if my pc is near to a child npc my fps drops instantaneously. Somebody has experienced something similar or knows what's causing the problem? I'm nweeb M.O user, using and enb preset, lastest HDT plugin, hdt preset by daiemonic, groov extended skeleton for vanilla npcs and my custom ningheim.

...Vanilla children works ok, no fps problem, by the way :/

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It's because of the skeleton. There was a discussion about that a long while back and someone patched a fix inside the xpmse thread. It's happening because there's no belly node in the rs child skeletons.


It's outdated but it still works and removes those errors.


Copy your rs children meshes folder and just put these two in it and create a 'patch' mod and stick it into MO. 



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