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Active effect timer at 0 but icons/graphical effects still showing.


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Is there any way to kill this effect? The timer is at 0 its only supposed to run during combat but wont shut off and its stacking filling my screen/magic effect list. I had the item i'm showing in ss3 on a follower its a custom made effect from perma - wintermist I have already removed the item in question from her and didn't have a issue at first  probably because she was to far from me to have it bother me but I stood still and ranged some wolfs thats when I had em start spamming. I am running a lot of mods that add effects to my character and do not wanna risk breaking my game this is the longest played toon I have almost lvl 50 well underway on the main quest/civil war/cd shop it would take me 2 weeks min real time to get back to that point. I have already disabled those icons from showing on my hud but the practical effect and the massively long list in my magic effects section is very annoying. I just crashed figured id post this hit the hey and if theres no fix posted by the time I get up Ill just load a older save If i have one I should and rerun after destroying that blasted item It never even healed me good thing im running with 2 followers atm 1 is a custom ai healer thats pretty much all she does I play on legendary with dbf/obis/bandit patrols etc the fights get real tough been in scraps with 2-3 bandit chiefs 10-20 lvls higher than me. 








Edit: found this tipwill try it tommorow im not to far from my standing stone

1. use the "player.resurrect 1" command to remove ALL effects.
2. save and close skyrim, restart and reload your save to reapply racial bonus
3. use "player.addspell <ID>" to manually reapply all your justified effects

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