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Ammo List editing in GECK


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So I am making my first ammo based mod converting all of Millennia's and Henukel and Koch's Base weapons to use the proper real world ammo. I have most of the ammo types I need from CaliberX v4 but there are a few custom ammo types I want to make and setup whole new ammo list as well.


Now I have made new ammo types and add them to existing lists before so that is not an issue.

My first question is:


How do I make a new ammo list and let be populated among vendors and npcs?



2nd: Is there a way to duplicate entirely a bullet type ex Ammo308FMJ with all Stats, icon images, etc?


Before I would pull up one window with the ammo I wanted to copy and another creating the new ammo and changing what I needed as I went, this works but is very slow and for reason I can't understand I can't find the icons that the vanilla or any mod use despite following perfectly the filepath shown in the original that I am copying from.


Sorry if this sound confusing this is really the first time I am trying to improve my modding skills in a while.


Also while right now this mod is for my personal use if I can get the hang of this particular mod I am considering about actually releasing it publicly, but as I haven't ask either author for permission (The last I spoke to Henukel he wasn't too enthusiastic about it) and I wanted to avoid getting banned from the Nexus I thought I would ask here since you people are a hell of a lot nicer to be honest. :D

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