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Frozen Mobs

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Not completely sure if this should go under Sexlab Tech Support, but i use a lot of sexlab, so it could be relevant.


My problem is some mobs are completely frozen. Some Spriggans just stand there with their arms out (Like FNIS had not been used) all Burnt Spriggans are frozen like this, and the Flame Atronachs i summon myself also just stand there with their arms out. This also went for Guardian Lurkers as well.


As for what i know could have an impact on this, i have:

- Groovetama's XPMS Extended 2.06

- FNIS 5.11

- FNIS Creaturepack 5.11


If anyone can help me, i would very much appreciate it.


EDIT: Fixed it. Was apparently something left over from the FNIS Creature Pack when i had to reinstall my mods earlier, and forgot to "de-install creatures" in FNIS before i uninstalled it in NMM. Re-downloaded, de-and-re-installed creatures. They're animated now.

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