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Tamagotopic filtered dialogue crashes TES CS Extender


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When trying to open tamagotopic.esp (setting it as an active file), it's highlighted purple in CS and causes CS extender to crash.


This happens when trying to open filtered dialogue, can't change anything crashes before I get a chance.


I have the latest OBSE and CS extender version, tried the previous version of CSE same thing.


The error signature is as follows:

AppName: tesconstructionset.exe

ModName: tesconstructionset.exe

Offset: 0049bfa9


It works just fine and I can change dialogue scripts clothing etc in all other esps I've wanted to so far.


But this particular one in filtered dialogue will not work.


I want to change the menstrual status dialogues in this file.

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Okay so I figured out how to export the dialogue as a text file, however I also want to put in a script and I'm unsure how to do so with CS always crashing, surely there's an alternative method or a fix to this problem? :s

I mean tamagotopic was edited into English before so it didn't crash for whoever translated or created it in the first place =/


Script is:


If Player.GetItemCount Gold001 > 1000
Player.RemoveItem Gold001 100
Additem Gold001 100

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