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console issue/script issue

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I'm using MO, and in an effort to try to get a mod fully functional (it was "halfway working" - long story), I created a new profile with no mods activated, and began a fresh playthrough (I figured the mod "halfway working" was the result of a script conflict). I got to riverwood trader, made a save, and started enabling mods by category, building/rebuilding all FNIS, PerMa, and Bashed patches as necessary, opening skyrim again, letting things load, making new saves, rinse, repeat. I got all mods except the last few - the ones I was trying to find the conflict in (aforementioned halfway-working mod), and created my own zip and installed it through MO for the file in question (Follower Live Package - used the esp, bsl, and loose file directory - installed fine, and worked halfway, like the original installer had. I uninstalled it, and back to the drawing board. The guy managing this mod's page suggested a manual install, actually copying files into the skyrim/data folder, which I was hesitant to do, but seeing as how my last ditch effort to get this mod working through MO hadn't worked, I thought I'd give it a try, and would just remove the files I stuck in if it still didn't work. 


So when I went to do so, I opened my skyrim/data/scripts folder, and it was empty. This...is not right, is it? The skyrim/data/scripts/source folder is still there, and still contains a half a billion .psc files (as well as a couple more folders), but that source folder is the only thing inside the scripts folder. I swear the scripts folder itself had files directly inside it, when I had looked earlier in the evening. Did I break my game? It still loads and runs, and I didn't do much testing besides talking to the grizzly fellow in Warmaidens, but it seems to be working - the dialog was normal, he had stuff for sale, and I went outside and ran around and everything seemed normal. But I swear there were a bunch of files directly in the script folder, not just in the source folder. Can someone tell me if I somehow magically screwed up my game? (And is this why the horses I ran past at the Whiterun Stables were A. frozen, and B. shifted 5 feet to the right?)


Also, possibly related and possibly not - it used to be that when I clicked on an NPC with the console open, I'd get a ton of information displayed, and could press "tab" to display even more information, color-coded and everything. Now, when I click an NPC, all I get is one line, top-center of the console area, that has a quotation mark and their ID. The commands still work (inv still shows all their equipment/etc), but that very fancy display is gone.


I've no aversion to reinstalling the game if that's what I need to do - I'm growing an unhealthy pleasure with experimentation via MO - but I'd just as soon save myself that bit of time if I don't need to actually reinstall my game.


Any insight here would be great and super appreciated.

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