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HELP NEEDED!! None of the npcs will talk to me.


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I have a real problem that I hope someone will be able to solve for me. I was playing skyrim yesterday and all of a sudden every npc stopped talking to me. The dialog option won't even show up when I press e to talk to them. My followers won't respond to me ether.  :angry:


I have tried just about everything to try to fix the problem so here is a list of things that I have already tried.


1. reinstalling the game - not working

2. verifying game files - not working

3. deleteing ini files - not working

4. starting a new game with the same exact mods - working

5. reloading a older save with the same mods - working

6. cleaning my save file with skyrim save cleaner - not working


I don't want to start my game from the older save and I definitely don't want to start a new game. I know it's not the mods I am using because I have been using the same mods for 40+ hours now. I really need help on this one because I really have run out of ideas.  :(

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