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Five Nights at Freddy's


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A game that 90% of the Internet has heard of, has anyone played this amazing gem?  I have been addicted to this game for months, and I finally beat it 100% (thats a screenshot I just took like an hour ago).  After hours and hours and hours of this game, I can truly say that it is a true masterpiece.  After over 15 hours of playing this game (combined from Steam and my phone), I can truly say that this is the best horror game I've ever played.  This game is a point-and-click horror survival game, that at first, doesnt seem too scary.  A lot of people said that it's stupid and that the animatronics aren't scary.  A lot of people say that it's just a jumpscare-fest.  They are wrong.


This game is incredibly scary, for one major reason.  There is something that, even after playing this game for hours, makes it continue to be scary:  the constant anxiety-driven road through the night truly horrifies you.  You sit on edge, knowing that, at any time, you can be attacked.  When you're power is starting to wind down, and you're barely scraping by, you sit there watching the cameras and the lights and wish so much that they don't appear.  The scariest thing is when Freddy is out, as he will usually attack you without showing up in your doorway, and requires you to close your right door before checking the camera to check on Foxy, which is another strip of anxiety.  When you're playing on 4/20 mode, and you're at 5am, you are begging Foxy to just stay the fuck out.  This is truly one the most anxiety driven and the best horror games I've ever played, and I recommend it for everyone.  The second game is probably a bit scarier, the first game feels more organic and is a better game overall, in my opinion.

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The plot of the game is so inconsistent, riddled with holes and folds, that sometimes you can peek through the seams and see something else. Something bigger. Deeper. Darker. It's not the horror that fascinates me. It's the mystery. 

I completely disagree, it's not riddled with holes or inconsistant, it's just left in shrouds of mystery, there's a huge difference.  The creator purposely left the plot with just enough clues to let you piece it together without flat out throwing it into your face.  It's a classic game's tool, before storytelling became the main thing in a video game.  It focuses on the gameplay, instead of breaking it up into a ton of cutscenes throughout the game.

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The point is, that in-universe the story contradicts itself. It's full of red herrings. And it's awesome.
It's either the Phone Guy lies, the newspaper clippings do, or YOU lie to yourself about something.
No matter what you do, something is odd. And something is not what it appears to be.

Dat Bonnie... Standing there, staring lifelessly into a camera, looking like a statue... And then it blinks. Gawd.

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Im up to night 6 of the sequel.  It's both simplier, easier, yet somewhat harder, than the first.  I feel like theres less to manage, but more to manage.  Without doors, the mask is easier to do than the doors, IMO, but the fucking puppet makes it hard.

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Its easier because, instead of managing power using the doors, you use a single mask for 9 of the animatronics.  However, its harder because of the music box mechanic, not only requiring you to check the camera like Foxy in the first, but to stay in the camera for a longer amount of time than Foxy did.

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