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Random unexplained CTDS


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Hello everyone here at LoversLab.

Not sure what is causing the CTDS, As it is fairly random It has crashed after entering Skyrim a few minutes after selecting my start (With Alternative Start mod) It has crashed when running through the fields outside whiterun(Give or take 5 minutes.) Or it will simply just not crash if i stay in a specific area and don't stray too far(even in Skyrim not dungeon or town) Or if it does it takes over an hour to produce said crash.

The CTDS started after uninstalling all my mods redownloading and adding some new ones it worked fine for awhile then crashed similar too the above. So naturally i figured it was a script error caused by uninstalling a mod So i did a fresh install added the mods i wanted and Now we are at present day. 

Been running thrugh papyrus logs and load orders for 3 days now and don't understand what is causing the crashes, So was hoping someone a bit more technical with mod conflicts and reading papyrus logs could help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Side notes, I have ran TES5 (Have not cleaned anything as it is a tad confusing to me and figure with a fresh install i shouldn't need too) 
Load order is through LOOT and FNIS has been generated.



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Looks like you're at least missing defeat and more nasty critters. The papyrus is looking for something and not finding it and those two aren't in your load order. That right there says you're using a save that has orphaned scripts in it. That shouldn't be happening if you're using new starts... Did you run Savegame script cleaner on your saves? 

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Actually i removed Both defeat and Morenastycritters as they were throwing out errors in papyrus with certain quests. Also, The game doesn't crash when i'm in combat of any sort which is what defeat runs off of. It only crashed when i'm running around, Hence also the removal of MoreNastyCritters. With the errors that were being thrown out i assumed that it may have something to do with the critters not loading a certain script properly, Whether that be with defeat, Aroused Creatures or any other countless mods :P 

If you wish i can Run a savegame cleaner  or even start up a new game and hand out the new papyrus log.

Edit for more info: Since the crashes started i have always noticed at the bottem before the crashed is the ARTH and YARC scripts saying i'm missing ESP's that i don't have any frankly don't see any of my mods that require those mods/esps too run.

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Everyone has those because the alternate start mod looks for certain things and if you don't have them, it throws that error. He should have placed an exception note in there so people understand that it's an expected error when those mods aren't found. But this is Arthmoor we're talking about here  :lol: That guy has his own way of doing things. Point is, not all errors are bad ones. But all those save game errors are -not- good. They'll keep looking for stuff that isn't there until it bogs down your papyrus so much it'll make you crash. 

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If you want that save, then do either or both, document what it does in the papyrus. That's the first step to figuring out your real issues with ctd's. 

Scripts get baked into saves, they don't just disappear when you remove a mod, and that's what causes big problems when you don't clean them correctly. You also have to be mindful of scripts that may seem orphaned but aren't. (ex: devious devices) Can't clean those out otherwise you'll break your save. (just fyi).


What happens in the papyrus on a truly new game. Where and how do you crash? Are you running lots of high res textures/meshes? Lots of factors still unknown but that one papyrus log points to orphaned scripts in that save. Solve that then you can continue on.

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I shall reinstall defeat and morenastycritters as they are both mods i rather enjoy, And update with new post or edit this one with updated logs. Thank you for your time and help.

Well, I reinstalled the two mods and it seemed to run fine which doesn't make sense at all, As it was crashing previously when i had the mods installed,
May have just been a lucky load or something.. Will update with no post if crashes.

Thank you for your help once again.

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I honestly don't know now. It'll take someone who can dive a little deeper into the meanings. I do see death alternative is looking for files that don't seem to be there now, those weren't in the last papyrus log.


I know the ae_framework noise appears to be expected from what I read about it. But I thought it was only used for estrus charus+ now, and I didn't see that in your load order. 





Oh hey he does say it. Guess I always just missed it.


==== LAL: DLC and Mod support check - Ignore errors about missing files. ====





Once again, are you running your tests on new created games, have you cleaned the save you keep attempting to play on? Could you be running too many high resolution meshes/textures?

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After reinstalling skyrim competly i havn't installed Death alternative and Estrus charus+ .

This test was on the previous game that was missing Defeat and Nasty critters, But that is the complete list of mods i had since the fresh install. I will clean the save and see what comes up, As for high resolution textures, Very doubtful most textures are running the lowest they can run except for CBBE which is set on Medium.

A part of me wants too assume it is a skeleton problem with BIGA and BigA for beasts Mixing with the skeletons for CBBE and XPM32 skeleton. On top of all the animations for those skeletons. Could that be a possiblity or would it be throwing errors like crazy in Papyrus or even conflicts while checking in FNIS?

Just cleaned orphaned scripts as directed by the save game cleaner.. Saved as went to go launch the saved and instant crashed without loading in with another papyrus log.



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