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Random CTDs in World and Dungeons


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Game seems to be crashing randomly, not exactly sure why. So far it only happens when I'm in combat, but I've only crashed about 4 times in the past two hours or so. Here's my Papyrus Log and Load Order. It should be noted that I forgot to run LOOT after I installed a few new mods like SD+ and Skoomawhore, so that could've caused it, but I don't see how since I've only been crashing while in combat. 



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That log shows you saved before the end. I take it that is not a log from one of the crashes? It would help if you played till you got a crash, then post up that log.

The Papyrus log was definitely from a crash, at least It should've been since it was the newest one. That being said, after I ran LOOT I haven't encountered any problems so far. 

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