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Steam Workshop fucked my shit. Crashing at main menu.


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I never used steam workshop before, for obvious reasons.  But i decided to finally try it because skyrim needs minotaurs.  U have to open the freaking launcher to download it.. and i hate that thing because it always decides to change settings.  I set my skyrimprefs to read only but forgot about skyrim.ini, but i had a backup.  Apparently steam and the launcher fucks with other shit too. When i found the game crashing at main menu I immediately unsubscribed to the mod then deleted the esp and bsa, so its not the mod.... as far as i know (steam dont let u see what freaking files ur downloading so there could be more i guess).  but im thinking the launcher did something.  What could it be?

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Probably what it did was to mess with your game configuration files. If you use MO, you should backup them there so that you can open Steam's loader without fucking your shit.


If you used a mod that modified Skyrimprefs or Skyrim.ini for example, check those, because you'l probably have to fix them.

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You should check via "Loot" if Skyrim reenabled esp that you normall ydon't use. It happended to me that Skyrim activated ALL esps again, just because i had the launcher open for like 2 seconds. According to my experience, if the crash occurs during game launch, it was always a load order/ incompatibility issue.

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Ok found the problem.  The launcher randomly enables mods u had disabled.  And for some reason it all looked fine the first few times i checked with nmm.  then i tried starting the game thru the launcher and crashed, checked the load order and all mods were enabled.  This steam shit be crazy man.  Glad i had my load order saved.

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