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SendAnimationEvent causes attack/sheathe to stop working? Help ;p

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Pretty much what it says.  When I play a certain animation (not available as a PlayIdle) while still having a weapon drawn, once it's done, sheath and attack don't work.  That includes SheatheWeapon() and hitting "r" to do it manually.  Other animations and movement work.  Manually equipping a different weapon in the inventory causes the bug to correct itself, possibly because it forces the draw animation.


I have read the caveat about using Debug.SendAnimationEvent(), ie that it messes up the actor's animation state.  I assume that's what is going on here.  I also read that this is due to changes in animation variables - specifically "bAnimationDriven" and "bMotionDriven".  Here is what I have noticed:


Before starting the animation event, the variables are: bAnimationDriven = false, bMotionDriven = true

During the animation event, the variables are: bAnimationDriven = true, bMotionDriven = false

After the animation event, the variables are: bAnimationDriven = false, bMotionDriven = false


So there is an anomaly here.  However, when I set bMotionDriven back to "true", nothing changes.  Nor does anything change when I do this in combination with SendAnimationEvent(player, "IdleForceDefaultState").  The player stays stuck unable to sheathe.


Are there other variables I might consider investigating?


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Welp.  I parsed every single animation variable there is, for before / after changes when calling the animation while wielding.  These are the ones which are different after the animation:


bMotionDriven > TRUE

bMLh_Ready > False

bMRh_Ready > False


iState > 0


Changing any of these in any way, before or after the animation, does not have any effect whatsoever on the player.


When the animation completes, the player is still wielding weapons but is in a non-wielding idle state.  I have tried sending all kinds of animation events (tailCombatIdle, IdleStop, etc.) and, again, it's like I'm not doing anything at all; the game ignores them.


Pretty much at this point I'd pay to have a solution to this, just so I don't have to scrap my work.


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