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Mad companionship Spells


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This is one of my all time favourite mods.  I really feel it's under appreciated. What I love most about this mod is that it lets me build up a list of companions I meet during my travels and summon them at any time if I feel like some company. Combine this mod with followers go on an adventure mod and it's really fun to randomly bump into a companion, go on an adventure with them and then add them to the list if I feel I enjoyed my time with them. 


However my main gripe about this mod is that if you use the follow function for MCS, the followers are very rigid, they don't auto-relax or enter any sort of sandbox mode. I was wondering if anyone has any experience using this with say, follower-live package or something and if that makes them enter a sandbox mode of some kind. 


Apart from that it's a really great mod and very simple. It's got some other spells in there where you can set teleport areas, call followers remotely and order them with another spell as well as reset their stats and adjust their inventory and all that. 


Let me know what you guys think of this mod and if there are any suggestions you might have. I find myself using AFT still just because they use that sandbox mode and it feels more immersive that way but if MCS had this mode i would totally drop AFT and just use that solely. 


EDIT: Check out this mod here and let me know what you think 



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