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Help. HDT Installation


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I'm Using New Cbbe Body (Which was updated at Nov 19th), XPMSE (VER. 2.33), Dragonfly's Tbbp, Realistic ragdoll & force, HDT Physics Extensions Ver. 14-28, and HDT Breast And Butt Physics.


I have 2 Problems.


1.  My boobs and butts are popping.

I think My body meshes are problems.

In new cbbe's Bodyslider, There's No old cbbe-tbbp body group. (CBBE WAS UPDATED AT NOV 19TH, 2014, and hdt was old)

Some guys tell me use the HDT bodyslider, But It crushes my body.

let me know how to install hdt.

let me know install order, and what i need and don't need


2. npc.

hdt doesn't work on npc.

do i install hdt havok object?

but it' didnt works too.

let me know npc-working hdt.


plz help!

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1. Do you have CBBE body HDT?  That's what I use with HDT.  Also CT77 body work pretty well too.

2. HDT should work with NPC too.


You use Racemenu 3 beta?

XPMSE 2.33 suppose for RM3+.

I suggest to skip Dragonfly's TBBP if you want HDT.

Try to use All-in-One pack from here



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