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I'm having a problem with SOS


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So, I downloaded SOS and the mod seems to work fine in of itself...However, I'm having a problem that seems similar to the infamous perma-underwear bug. However, I can unequip the brown leather bikini brief style underwear that came with the mod and underneath it, there is another pair of underwear that is the same exact ones from a mod that I downloaded off of Nexus. And when I remove both of the .nif files that came in the mod, instead of the problem being solved, I now have the default vanilla underwear in a brown color. I can still equip and unequip the other underwear, though. 


Can you help me? Can this be fixed?



ADDENDUM: Also, I can see the schlong. It's actually there, it's just over the underwear that shows up even if I unequip the one that came with the mod.


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