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downloading textures-all-versions.7z

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hello I have tried many times now to download this file unsuccessfully ... I do not know what the problem is as I have downloaded other files from this site without issue... the download of this file and this file only seems to time out about halfway through without the ability to re-acquire the download forcing a restart of the download only to have it time out again... as this file is 80 meg + that is pretty annoying ... I am not sure if this is the proper place to voice this issue and apologize if it isn't


Thank you for your time in addressing this

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It's the texture pack for Fejeena's 'Lovers Bitch Gone Wild', so it is somewhat justified to post the topic in this section here. Although it might even fit into the LoversLab general tech section since it's an issue with the site and its download system itself.


Out of curiosity I checked the download and found it working. Maybe trying a different browser might yield a result? I don't know if it's related to lightbearer's post count (or PMs simply are switched off), but it's not possible to send a PM. Otherwise I would have attached the file to a personal message. Or would have sent a link to a temporary upload of the file on MEGA or 4shared.

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