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SL Animations, Sounds etc. don't work.


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Dear people of LL,


i tried to get SexLab running for my skyrim, since 3 days now. 


Today i nuked my skyrim and installed the most important things again, but with the exact same outcome. 


When i try to get any animation to work it just dosen't do anthing.


I tried the following with my spouse [via Sumit and Romance].


I can click the dialog options of SLRomance and get troght to like "i want you to go down on me" or some shit like that. But she don't reacts at all. She is just like "yeah i'am outta here" and does the same shit she does anyway. There are no sounds, no animations, the dialog just ends.



I would appreciate any help.





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Hi, hmmm how to put this politely.


We need certain information to know how to help you. If you read the mandatory stickie --->  PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING HERE!! then you should know we need a Papyrus log AND the Load order when you made that Papyrus log.


Look at this from our stand point. "Hey this isn't working! Fix Please!" We have NO idea what is wrong. Is it SexLab? Is it Submit and Romance? Do you have conflicting mod? There is no way for us to know UNLESS you get us that log. The log also isn't complete without a load order of your mods when the log was created. The load order tells us the the which mods are spitting out errors from the log. We need both.


I like helping people, but we need something to go off of. Also are you using NMM, MO or manual installing?




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i knew this would be an issue, sry for that, but i fucked up my papyrus.

I Installed skyrim again and made my modselection even more "basic". I have the exact same issue like before. I Cheated myself on lvl 80 and tryed romance to get an animation.


Following the files and informations.


I use NMM for non-LL mods and have a few workshop mods. LL mods and SKSE are installed manually.


I clicked the activte button in the sexlab MCM (i Hope that was correct), but i tried without activating too.)


Papyrus: Logs.rar


Load order:

Here I got a knowledge problem: the following ist the loadorder of the skyrim launcher. But i start it via the SKSE_loader.


Dawngurad esm

Hearthfire esm

Dragonborn esm

Sexlab esm

SexLab Romance esp

FNISspells esp

SkyUI esp

Quick Start esp

Apocalypse (Workshop)

Black mage Armor (Workshop)

Joos Knightly Armor (Workshop)

Knights of the Nine V2.6 (Workshop)

Midas Maic Speels for Skyrim (Workshop)

Uniquze Uniques (Workshop)

Witchplate (Workshop)



Mods i usually use: Unterlined are installed in currend bulild


XP32 Maximun Skeleton Extended 2.20 (no BBE, CBE)
FINS 5.2
FINS Spells 5.0.1
FINS Creature Pack 5.1
Realistic Ragdolls and Force 1.9
Unofficial Skyrim Patch 2.0.8
Unofficial Dawgurad Patch 2.0.8
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch 2.0.8
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch 2.0.8
Brawl Bugs Patch
Race Menu 2.9.6
SkyUI 4.1
SKSE 1.7.1 (manual Installation)
SexLab 159c
SOS 2.05.034
SOS Blisaro UNP addon
SOS EQ slot60
SOS Racemenu Pulgin
SOS Controller
SOS RaceMenu Plugin
SL Romance 1.0.6
SL Sumit 01SEP14 1133
SL Gender Change 1.0
Midas Magic
JoOs Knightly Armor
Knights of the Nine - 2,6
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Witchplate Armor
Black Mage Armor
Mods Later:
CBBE [Curvy]
CBBE armor converter
CBBE face pack
ApachiiSkyHair NPC overhaul - ApachiiSkyHiar on NPCs
Alternate Start

EDIT: Logs attached, its a RAR archive


best regarts


ZeroRaziel :)

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Those are the mods you used, not the load order of your mods.


I see you use NMM here is how to get your load order.

  • Open NMM
  • Click the plugins tab
  • Click export (below the green checkmark)
  • Export to clipboard

That is your load order.

I suggest you do this in your next post

[Spoiler] Pasted load order text here! [/spoiler]

Do you use loot to manage your loot order?

Also have you ran FNIS in the Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/GenerateFNISforUsers.exe ?

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