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t6m wendy and willow


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The Wendy fmod changes wendy's meshes to t6m (bouncing )  by Nagothm.Original T6m body Non BB created  by Izumiko..

Wendy's outfit  in the pics is from



Willows fmod changes willow meshes to t6m (bouncing)  but in addition it  used  textures from the type N body by Nessa



All credits  to Nessa,Nagothm,Izumiko for their meshes and textures.


T6M Clothes worn by Wendy and Wilow in pics  by Alex3874 converted to T6M/TN/K3Berry/t6bb  Bouncing by Nagothm http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/40-my-cloth-collection-nv-conversion-expansion-t6m-t6bb-tn-berryk2/


How bnb works (overview)


you always use a mod manager to install mods ,and you  know enough to be able to package your own files to create .fmods.

You can problem solve a little bit.

you can pull apart an archive like an .fmod with 7 zip or similar.

This document is all care but no responcibility .





Bnb  body requires

1) specific  BNB meshes



The meshes that is required is a BNB mesh called femaleupperbody.nif   .  

For player character and most females, but not including custom races or raiders it should go in  data/meshes/character/_maie/   .

Some authors might change other meshes like the hands or what not so they would go here as well ,they are named femalelefthand.nif etc - these dont bounce and  are optional depending on your taste.

For  a range of femaleupperbody.nif's check out


Or for a all in one replacer that you could use part or all of


Note skeleton may not be the latest required by sexout  and you would have to check if it changes anything else like raiders bodies/male bodies. In which case you would have to fix by installing correct skeleton/ male body replacer etc.But you could just take the meshes , textures or what not that you like.




2) bnb skeleton


just go to the sexoutng op and find it under requirements.

Sometimes all in one body replacers do not have the correct skeleton so you might have to overwrite the skeleton after you have installed a mod like this.Also some all in one body replacers  can cause problems  like I think body by race messes with fractions and hence can break many sexout mods.



3)bnb animations - no animations those breast bones will do zero..or but bones if you play oblvion.



Non sex bnb go in data/meshes/character/_maie/   .

These are things like jumplandleft.kf  , jumpland.kf etc , sneakwhatever.kf  .Animations are .kf files and the standard ones you get in the game are not bnb so you need to replace them . I'm sure there are a few alternatives but the animations  I use are from this mod http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35047/?


If you have amra BNB sex  animations then you still need requirement 1-3 for the sex animations with bnb , although sexoutNG does use body suits that may change things, cause the body suit might be a bnb compatible mesh that might meet requirement 1.






4) not sure about textures I have never had any problems with the ones I have used other than changing em around to get



  just rip em from a bnb body mod like t6m, or tn or whatnot. I like the tn ones myself.


    I like the textures from this mod and they body type is nice too. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/143-type-n-body-replacer/

    where the hell do I put the textures ? They go in data/texture/characters/female  . they are files ending in .dds.









For bnb clothes



you will need 1-4 as mentioned above and then overwrite the clothes  with bnb compatiable meshes.


Where can I get t6m meshes?



For example T6M Clothes worn by Wendy and Wilow in pics  by Alex3874 converted to T6M/TN/K3Berry/t6bb  Bouncing by Nagothm http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/40-my-cloth-collection-nv-conversion-expansion-t6m-t6bb-tn-berryk2/

I think from memory only include the bnb meshes you still need the original mod installed ( but not its esp only the other stuff ) and it assumes that you have 1-4 working .



Common problems



weird purple colors -you are wearing a weird colored purple piece of clothing, or you are missing a texure.


Horrid black color  -you might be missing a mesh .


my body dissappears- you are missing a mesh and a texture for a piece of clothing or a body!Or no male model for female

clothing-> crossdressers beware!


infinite  breasts - wrong skeleton


my clothing doesn't bounce ! have you met requirements 1-5












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I thought the Willow and Wendy G. mods [or others, like Sunny, or Vanessa mods] use the default FNV body [whatever it happens to be].


By that I mean, if a T3F body is installed as the default female body for the game, they will use that body type. If it bounces,so will they.

So, if a T6M bouncing is already installed, they should be using it already. Yes? They do in my game.


Oh, right. CUSTOMIZATION [duh]. I could use a little clarification tho', if you please...


Does that mean these Fomods only change Willow or Wendy mod packages, changing their bodies to allow for a variety of personal follower body types to be implemented as ones' own "eye candy delights" in-game?

i.e.-Say Wendy is using the default body [a T3F BnB for example]. If the above fomod for Willow is installed, only she will use a T6M BnB body, all the other fems will still use the T3F BnB.

Did I get this correct?


If so, AWESOME! We need more of them to be made for other followers, in a variety of flavors.

Mainly because I still totally suck at editing and don't do it if I have another way to...

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Yes each fmod only changes willow or wendy not the standard body.Changing the standard body will not effect willow or wendy.



Sorry to reply so late Willow and Wendy use their own body types I think it is in meshes/characters/ .. .

Its easy to find out just simply unarchive one of the fmods with 7ztp and check.Fmods are an archive that 7 zip can unarchive.I suspect that Melissa complanion mod may use a different body but I havent bothered to check. Also I think its highly likely that spunk/pregnancy will not work with willow/wendy unless you add them to the custom ini list of spunk cause they are custom races.Spunk has a how to add custom races on the op .


Ok i will add a more detailed explaination on how to mix and match your own bnb (in the op) however you like and start with an overview and give an more detail niti gtri on how to do it your self over the next few days.



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