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need help finding sexout mods


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 moved cause i posted it in the wrong place


let me start off by saying ive been playing skyrim for a while now with sexlab and of course a ridiculous amount of sl mods but ive played the game to death and im just getting tired of it. ive heard people talking about new vegas and sexout alot (really like the sexout animations) and ive decided id like to try it out (i enjoy shooters more anyway). since theres no thread that lists the sexout mods and what they do like there is for sexlab (or atleast i didnt see 1), i was hoping to get some help and recommendations for mods from the community which is so much easier then reading every mod thread (alot of them have misleading titles or titles that dont even make sense. no offense to any1). ive read the sexout install thread so i know basicly what i need for breast bounce and skeleton and such but i need help finding the rest.


ill post the types of mods i had for skyrim that im basicly looking to use with new vegas (if such mods exist of course)


1- the 2 types bodies i used were cbbe (mostly cause of bodyslide. nice to not have every1 have the same body) and the unp/7base types (i really liked it for its realistic looking genitalia and fake/silicone/perky style breasts). dont care much for breasts that sag to their waist

2- pregnancy

3- rape (come on now, cant have a sex type game without consequences :) )

4- creature sex/rape (and possible pregnancy)

5- futa/strap-on

6- vaginal/anal plugs and piercings

7- extremely skimpy clothes (as in pretty much nude) or suff that gives armor boosts while still being nude

8- succubus type mods (probly not something that would be in new vegas but ill ask anyway)

9- slavery

10- prostitution

11- lactation


i think that pretty much sums it up (or atleast all i can think of atm). any help would be appreciated :)


EDIT- theres 1 last thing i shouldve asked- im looking into getting the ultimate edition with all the dlc. is this recommended or should i just get the regular edition? i know with skyrim theres shitloads of mods that have dlc dependencies (mostly dawnguard). not sure how it is with new vegas


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Pregnancy is Pregnancy. Theres only one which makes it so simple cx


For player to do rape, there is Sexout Rape. To be a victim, there's Assault I believe.


I believe creatures are installed by default (never really thought about using it) there is breeder (kind of old though) for quests with creatures and such.


5-7 can be achieved by setting up a Sexout Common Resources folder and installing Sexout Store.


I believe there are a few slavery mods for Sexout. Tryouts includes a little bit of slavery. Includes Working Girl as an optional install that brings in prostitution.


Lactation is with Sexout Lactation


I would give Spunk a try too and find Fade To Black to "fix" those vanilla fade to black sex scenes

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ah, thanks. after searching for a couple hours i did find a couple of the mod types i was looking for but this will help alot. the trouble im having now is a body replacer. i found 1 i like http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55528/?but it says it doesnt come with textures and i cant figure out what to use with it. do all the bodies use the same texture? it seems like this "type3" body is the most popular but i dont know if the textures will work for other bodies


your sig made me lol btw. cant wait for next season :)

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Install SexoutSexLite. It adds dialogues to everyone that enables sex. If it works, install SCR if you haven't (find the Installation guide if you need help) and then install the full version of SexoutSex and try and see if it works. If it all works properly and such, install whatever strikes your fancy (as long as they all play nice with each other)

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