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[request] cover music bands add in


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i recently went looking though here and the nexus and while i found a lot of replacers for bards or the title screen what i didn't find was anyone who had added in a few new bards who would be in tavern or two


the bards\ bands being Maluka, the guys from Miracle of Sound, Peter Holens(i think he would have to be done as a group with him being the leader) and anyone else who has done the really good and/or for the most part lore-friendly covers 


I would love to see them added to the game while not entirely replacing the vanilla sounds.


you could even make them traveling bands that go between the Major hold capitals so when you hear them its a real treat


I know their will be a few people who would tell me just to do it myself, but well i tried and just wound up crashing my game a few dozen times and had to re-install so no I'm not trying again.

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