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When I go into console and I click on or hover over a character I use to get another window with information about the character, such as name and level I think. It made it easy for me to know what I was clicking on. Now all I get is the item id in the console and nothing else.


I thought the thing that was adding this was SexLab but I guess not. Anyone know what adds it, as it no longer happens on my skyrim.

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Actually MFG Console does that.


SexLab does have it integrated already, thus why you see it if you install SexLab. But if you don't have SexLab installed, you won't see it unless you download MFG Console.


And if you have SexLab, and still don't see it, try pressing tab after you click on yourself with the console open. It should cause the info windows to appear and reappear (I believe it is tab that hides/unhides them).

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