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Wondering if this already/could exist(s): Variety


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I'm wondering if there is a mod out there that does one, or both or two things; Randomizes/customizes different people having different body models (for instance one woman has unp the other has cbbe)

or randomizes/customizes different people having different body textures (blessed body, realistic mature body, etc)


I feel as if it's been mentioned in the past, and I am curious if there is a stable version of this, or if there isn't, if it could be MADE stable.

Variety being the spice of life, I think it's rather interesting to muse about having a set of different body types as opposed to everyone in the world having just one.


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As much as I agree with you regarding variety making things interesting - currently this is problematic due to:

 - UV layout for skin textures

 - armor mods

 - hdt (in)compatibility

 - etc.


So basically it would be very nice to just assign a different body type to every woman in Skyrim, a different skin texture and so on. However, the way things are currently done makes this pretty much impossible.


But not all is lost. Considering the new abilities of RaceMenu v3, combined with the latest XMP32 skeleton by Groovtama, and Blabba's CITRUS body, things might change. Since the new sliders offered by RaceMenu3 allow to change the body drastically and in very varied ways in-game, a nifty modder could come up with some kind of "randomizer" that chooses pseudo-random values for every female in-game. This would be quite close to using different body types, with the additional benefit that every NPC is still able to make full use of the same armor sets without having to fear incompatibilities. Swapping textures around during runtime might still be a problem, though.

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